On the Making A Way Housing property, we provide: 

  • Emergency Shelter

  • Transitional Housing

  • Permanent Supportive Housing

Our Emergency shelter provides homeless persons with basic shelter and essential supportive services.

Our transitional housing program primarily serves individuals who have jobs in the community or are enrolled in one of the shelter's job training or educational programs. The goal of our transitional housing program is to facilitate the program participant's transition out of the shelter and into permanent housing.

Making A Way Housing, Inc bridges the gap in the continuum of care for homeless individuals in Atlanta who are in recovery. We provide subsidized, sober, supportive housing, helping individuals transition out of emergency shelter, recovery homes or other transitional living programs. This program provides residents with the opportunity to develop the additional skills, incomes, and stability needed to become self-sufficient. The goal is to help residents reunite with their families, gain life skills, prevent relapse, and attain the self-esteem needed to go forward and enjoy a successful life. 



365 days per year


377 Westchester Blvd
Atlanta, Georgia 30314


case management

Our case management links consumers with health and social service, coordinating the access to medical treatment and support services, and assurances of continuity of care.

Our case managers advocate on behalf of our clients and are responsible for  empowering our clients to their fullest potential. Case management activities include initial and on-going assessments of the client's needs, developing a comprehensive and individualized service plan; coordination of and linkage to needed services; and monitoring of the plan to access its efficacy. Case management is a vital support service that assures a responsive and client driven system.





Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening


377 Westchester Blvd
Atlanta, Georgia 30314


H-I-P (HIV Intervention and Prevention)

H-I-P is an HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention program that targets at-risk populations in Fulton and DeKalb Counties, those who are at risk for the disease and those who have the disease. Given the high prevalence of existing HIV/AIDS cases, education and prevention activities are paramount to preventing new cases and helping individuals with the disease learn how to manage and stay healthy. MAWH has been working with the HIV/AIDS infected population for over 15 years and has amassed a network of professionals and volunteers to aid in the effort.  (Give a recent stat here)

H-I-P has integrated a special curriculum component for heterosexual African American women residing in DeKalb and Fulton Counties , Sisters Informing Sisters on Topics about AIDS (SISTA). SISTA is an evidenced-based curriculum aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk behavior. Core elements of the program include: Convening small-group sessions as a forum to increase awareness of the prevalence of unhealthy sexual risk behavior and to discuss how to overcome these challenges and practice healthy sexual behavior; Using cultural and gender appropriate facilitators and materials to reinforce concepts; Helping women develop self respect and assertive communication skills; Instructing women on how to effectively and consistently use condoms; Discussing cultural and gender-related barriers to using condoms; and Emphasizing the importance of safer sex. A second major component of the H-I-P program is the Street Team. The Street Team is a group of volunteers and staff who patrol on foot and by car through high risk neighborhoods sharing information about available testing and counseling services. The Street Team targets areas where individuals have a low probability of being tested under normal circumstances. The primary objective of the team is to identify and provide early intervention for persons who are at risk of becoming infected or who have become infected. Those who test positive for HIV/AIDS are connected with appropriate medical services, serving as a gateway for education and treatment. 


Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening


377 Westchester Blvd
Atlanta, Georgia 30314


Health Education/Risk Reduction

Campaigns have included trainings, workshops, consultations, outreach and development of materials in order to offer new, non-formal educational approaches tailored to communities cultural realities. It has also built several ongoing, community-based partnerships with communities in the State of Georgia.



Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening


377 Westchester Blvd
Atlanta, Georgia 30314


life skills

Lifeskills, a term often used in the rehabilitation community, allows them to function efficiently and effectively throughout civilization personally and professionally.

Making A Way Housing, Inc helps addicts in recovery find and hold jobs by:

 1.    Guiding clients how to become gainfully employed.

2.    Showing clients how to do well in their chosen field and be the best they can be on a daily basis.

Observations at MAWH have led us to believe, when young adults begin to abuse alcohol and drugs, it eliminates the valuable lessons of life. It is believed by most within the addiction recovery field and in the sober, recovering community that early substance abuse stunts emotional maturity for anyone who does drugs or drinks to excess.  This can also stunt professional advancement after rehab challenging. Our program provides all the necessities needed for growth in life. 


relapse prevention

Relapse prevention is a crucial aspect of any residential rehab program.  It is important that this is taught because, no matter how successful and productive one’s experience is in any given drug or alcohol rehab center, there is still always an underlying threat and possibility of relapse in such an individual.  The fundamental problem here is one of time.  Time is a huge factor in the addiction and rehabilitation quest, as it is in any other aspect or facet of life.  It breaks down to the simple fact that, when one abuses drugs or alcohol, he or she usually abuse them for a matter of several years before he or she attempts to seek out rehabilitation for their crisis.  Even the longest residential rehab programs usually don’t last for more than three months.  So it comes down to the simple fact of how can an individual possibly hope to efficiently and adequately address every single aspect and facet of addiction that has accumulated over the course of several years in just a few months?  It’s not possible.

Preventing relapse is taught with pride and efficacy at Making A Way Housing, Inc.  We recognize this as being an influential and successful aspect of our program, and the results have been incredible. Our mission is to continue this work for clients, creating impact in lives.



Our Career Skills & Connections , provides comprehensive job search guidance to professionals in the Atlanta Metro area. Following current best practices, our experienced Professional Career Coaches teach clients to use proven techniques that increase marketability, shorten the job search, and land that next opportunity

Guiding clients toward accountability, structure and commitment.

1.    Career Coaching: One-on-one support and guidance designed to help clients develop and execute effective career transition strategies to meet their career goals and land their next opportunity.

2.    Skills Workshops: CSC provides eight workshops including Networking, LinkedIn, Interviewing, and Salary Negotiation.  Workshops provide a great opportunity to learn while you network!

Our full-range of services include:

·      Elevator Pitch / 30 Second Commercial

·      Strategic Networking

·      LinkedIn Optimization and Profile Development

·      Resume / Cover Letters

·      Interview Preparation – Mock Video & Phone Interviews with feedback

·      Salary Negotiation

·      Organization, priority and goal setting

·      Career Exploration

·      Career Management

Who We Serve We work with individuals at all stages of their work life:

·      Entering the workforce for the first time

·      Changing careers

·      Re-entering the workforce after hiatus or layoff

·      Professionals seeking career management

Working with our Employment Specialists can help you:

·      Clarify life/career goals

·      Develop an individual career plan

·      Learn job hunting strategies

·      Develop effective marketing tools such as resumes and cover letters

·      Learn interviewing techniques

·      Understand work and other life roles