A personal note from our Executive Director and her Commitment to Recovery 

What People Are Saying About Making A Way Housing, Inc.

My experience here at Making a Way Housing, Inc. has been a great one for several reasons. I used drugs and alcohol for 15 years. I have been in 4 drug and alcohol treatment programs before coming to Making A Way Housing. The longest amount of time I was ever clean was 4 years, but I could not seem to get it together. I came to Making A Way Housing through the Fulton County Diversion Program over a year ago and it has changed my life! First of all Making A Way Housing has helped me with managing my medication and also has linked me to medical, dental, and psychiatric care. I am able to attend 12 step meetings onsite here at Making A Way Housing. Making A Way has taught me to be financially responsible and I really thank Rodney B. for all of his help. Making A Way has given me food when I did not have any and also taken me to the grocery store. I also want to thanks Ms. Liz for all her love and support and for also referring me to an agency that will eventually lead me to having a permanent home. This would never have been possible without Making A Way. Thanks!!!

Clinton Ruark
May 14, 2010

Juliet and Liz,
I just want to let you know how much it means to me to be a client at Making A Way Housing. I have struggled for many years with the disease of addiction; unfortunately I have been in several halfway houses in my attempts to get clean and sober. Never in my life have I felt comfortable and at home like I do at The Compound. I have tried many times to feel at home in many different places and nowhere come close to the warmth, love and acceptance you give to us. The two of you definitely go out of your way to make us comfortable, happy and feel much loved.

I consider the two of you family. I lived in your program last year for about 5 months; somewhere in that time I decided I was not ready to be clean. In my attempts to leave Liz yourself and another client tried extremely hard to convince me it wasn’t any better out there and that you would be heartbroken if I left. I left anyway and in the 5 months I was gone I missed you and the other residents more then I missed my own family. I came back a few months later lost, broken and ashamed.

You welcomed me with open arms. Since then 5 months has passed and I have gotten my life together more then I ever have imagined. Addiction is a very ugly thing that will rip people apart from the inside out. Recovery is something so dear and special that saves lives every day and you help many, many girls believe in their dreams. I could not imagine my life without The Compound, I would never have gotten where I am without it. I thank god every day and night for putting you and Poe in my life and I know you will always be besides me in my journey through recovery. I do not know what I would do without your dedication to the growth and wellness of my best interest. Thank you for believing in me and all the addicts that have come and gone...

Love Sincerely, Susan

Robby’s Story
March 20, 2009 I thought that I was going to die. I had been using drugs and alcohol for quite some time and became homeless. I felt that there was no hope. I finally made the decision that if I did not get some help that I was going to die. I went into treatment and contacted Ms. Liz at Making A Way Housing.

After completing treatment, I came to Making A Way Housing into the emergency shelter program and begin to volunteer in the office answering phones and filing paperwork. I graduated from the emergency shelter program into the transitional housing program. Ms. Liz saw something in me that I did not see in myself and hired me on full time as the Intake Coordinator. I have recently celebrated 1 year of continuous sobriety and am approaching one year of employment here at Making A Way.

In addition to that I am getting ready to begin my clinical supervision to become a certified substance abuse counselor, a dream that I have wanted to fulfill for a long time. Because of the unconditional love and support that I have received from everyone here at Making A Way, especially Ms. Juliet and Ms. Liz, I realize that everything is possible if I stay focused and keep going in the right direction. Making A Way Housing has taught me how to be a responsible, productive member of society. I am learning how to be a lady, a mother, but most importantly, a child of GOD! Thank you Making A Way Housing for giving me a life worth living again!

Robby Travis

Paul Jones Story
I was born the second child of three. I was raised in a modest middle class family and dropped out of school in the 9th grade. I ended up returning to school and graduating a year behind my class. I had been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol since the age of 14. I worked in the hospitality industry as a busboy and waiter, and before leaving the hotel I was working in to begin to work at Delta Airlines, I had advanced to the front desk. I got married shortly after I begin working at Delta Airlines and fathered a child and continued to use drugs, with the addition of cocaine. The progression of of addiction was beginning. My marriage lasted for 4 years. My using had begun to happen on a daily basis.

I remarried and while my wife was 6 months pregnant, I was given the choice to resign from Delta, or be fired. I decided to move out of state and begin working in the hospitality industry again. I struggled with buying drugs, and being a responsible father and husband. Two years later and some 40 pounds lighter, I got off a Greyhound bus looking for drugs….. I lived on the streets of Atlanta for the next 25 years. Twice seeking refuge with a 28 day detox and outpatient treatment, - twice getting a little less than 90 days sober. Several misdemeanors and one felony later, spirit broken and hopeless, I left the bridge I was living under and begin to look for help. I ended up at Grady Hospital and was given 7 days in a safe house. While looking for treatment, I was able to clean up a little and try to get some direction in my life. I was accepted into the Salvation Army Program, finished the program and subsequently used again. Within 5 months I was homeless again.

I returned to the Salvation Army, stayed sober for 14 months and moved to Making A Way Housing. After completing the program here at Making A Way, I was hired as the overnight staff .I begin to explore the idea of becoming a substance abuse counselor. I am presently pursuing my certification as a substance abuse counselor and would like to attend college in the near future. I am so grateful to Making A Way Housing for giving me an opportunity to pursue my dream. I know now that anything is possible. Oh, by the way, I am celebrating 5 years clean!

Thanks Making A Way for all that you do!
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